Overview of overseas market of LED display

This is mainly due to China’s strong economic foundation and the government’s strong support for the semiconductor industry. In the first three quarters of 2020, the economic situation of LED display related enterprises in the third quarter is higher than that in the first two quarters, showing strong vitality. At the end of the 13th five year plan in 2020, a number of domestic LED display project bases will be put into use to expand the production capacity of LED display industry. In 2021, China will usher in the beginning of the 14th five year plan. The development of 5g and the third generation semiconductor will be an important factor to boost the further upgrading of LED display industry.

2. Suppressed demand may rebound “vindictively”

In order to cope with the epidemic situation, many countries have taken measures to shut down most industries, resulting in the suppression of demand for activities, and LED display application markets such as commercial display, outdoor advertising and large-scale leasing have been forced into the cold winter. Although there are still gathering activities and commercial shopping activities in some foreign regions, domestic enterprises have to turn their attention to the domestic market because of the difficulties in import and export. If the global epidemic situation is basically controlled in 2021, the demand that has been suppressed for a year may rebound in a “retaliatory” way.

Of course, unfortunately, there will be “lucky” in 2020.

On the one hand, the epidemic has spawned the conference market and telemedicine market. For example, Zhouming, Riad, alto electronics and other enterprises have launched led conference all-in-one machine and led telemedicine related products to expand new space to adapt to the “new normal” under the epidemic situation.

On the other hand, favorable measures are frequent – in June, the Ministry of industry and information technology officially issued 5g business license, China entered the first year of 5g business, 8K ultra high definition video industry and led micro display industry will usher in new development opportunities; In November, the regional comprehensive economic partnership (RCEP) negotiation covering 15 Asia Pacific countries was officially signed, and the free trade zone with the largest participation population, the most diversified membership structure and the largest development potential in the world was officially born, which also created good conditions for the development of domestic LED display related enterprises in Southeast Asia. As one belt, one road and other countries and regions, Southeast Asia is the most stable emerging market in the world, and is the fastest recovery region during the global epidemic. In recent years, the upgrading of consumption has made the LED display industry in the region showing the trend of integration of industrial chain and application of high-end RCEP. The appearance of abison’s 400 square meter giant screen at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia this year just proves the great development potential of LED display market in Southeast Asia.

After RCEP, the European Union China Chamber of Commerce “shouts” to China, expecting China and the EU to sign the China EU investment agreement (bit) as soon as possible, and to put the negotiation of the China EU free trade agreement on the bilateral agenda as soon as possible; Japan also changed its attitude and welcomed China to join the comprehensive and progressive trans Pacific Partnership (cptpp). There is no doubt that the development of multilateral relations between China and other countries in the world will open the door of European, Asia Pacific and other markets through tax concessions, facilitation measures and many other tangible benefits, laying a solid road for China’s LED display related enterprises to explore overseas markets in the next few years.

Post time: May-11-2021