Multi Media Controller

Short Description:

Export Model No AT-600

Importer Model No IS-600 HD


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1.★Capacitive touch button ( 8 buttons ) with audio and light feedback.
2.★With code paring software,control code of projector can be preset or be paired byuser.
3.★Fully optimized audio solution.
4.★With dual HDMil. 4 outputa
5.★Interface:VGA 3xINPUT 2xOUTPUT; Audio 4xINPUT 2xOUTPUT (With stereo) HDMI 3xINPUT 2xOUTPUT; USB 2xINPUT 2xOUTPUT. Control interface: 2xRS232; lxIR port; lxRJ45; lxDC5V power port.
6.★Power supply controls: Build in delay off to protect power of projector function,can support customize delay off time. Build in power socket for electric projection screen.
7.★Make hole size: 245 Clength) mm*95 (width) mm; Product size: 265 (Length) mm*115 (width) *15 (height) mm;

Front view

Rear View


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