• Ingscreen All In One Interactive Whiteboard

    Ingscreen All In One Interactive Whiteboard

    INGSCREEN All In One Interactive Whiteboard is highly integrated with multi-point IR interactive whiteboard,Ducoment camera,Multi media central control system, wireless MIC, stereo amplifier system, OPS PC etc devices, forming perfect multi-media classroom solution together with projector.
    With One key power on/off all connected device and abundant interfaces for external device use.

  • Ingscreen IR interactive Whiteboard

    Ingscreen IR interactive Whiteboard

    INGSCREEN Interactive Whiteboard is using advanced infrared touching technology with high touch accuracy.Ultra thin aluminum frame design make it with good looking appearance. Allows user use finger or any opaque to draw and write at low cost, no any special pen be needed. With up to 40 multi-points touch interactivity, multi users can write simultaneously.

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