Ingscreen Conference Series Interactive Flat Panel Display

Short Description:

Ingscreen Conference series Interactive Flat Panel Display is with Native 4K UHD resolution,simultaneous 20 points touching,build in HD camera and Array Microphone,dual systems including highest version android system and optional windows system and multi screens sharing simultaneous software.It can allow all participants to collaborate across space and devices just like they are in same office.

Product Detail

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HD Camera


HD camera is suitable for more occasions


Array Microphone


Ultra-long-distance voice recognition HD sound collection


Ultra HD Display


Ultra HD resolution improve the display effect


Smooth Writing


Touch accurately with the pen and finger

Go Wireless


Bluetooth 5.0, dual WIFI module 2.4G&5G and USB Type-C

Scan Share

QR Code

Scan QR code to take the document easily

Integrated Device

INGSCREEN Conference Series integrates a built-in 1080P camera and six microphones with a pickup distance of 10 meters. The video conference can be started after powering on the device


4K Display to Redefine Clarity

INGSCREEN Conference Series gives you an ultra-wide 178°viewing angle and 4K Android interface display. No matter where you sit in the room, the image is robust and clear

Share your screen and files wirelessly and effortlessly

Don’t waste precious time plugging and unplugging cables. Cast your screen wirelessly to share your work or start a presentation, and use your mobile device to control the screen, all with the built-in Eshare Pro software


Featuring Intelligent Touch

INGSCREEN Conference Series intelligent touch can recognize if you are using your finger - 1 finger to write and full palm to erase. The thick and thin pen recognition, original note writing to provide best writing experience

Efficient Transmission

INGSCREEN Conference Series use Bluetooth 5.0, dual WIFI module 2.4G&5G and USB Type-C. The USB Type-C can transmit image and touch at the same time. And the data transmission speed is up to 10Gbps


Multi Screen Interacitve

One Key Mirroring on multi paltform of Windows/ Android/ IOS/ MAC can control the panel, touch back transmission


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