86inch Android 11.0 Electronic Whiteboard and Digital Touch Screen Smart Board for Classroom Interactive Flat Panel

Short Description:


 Zero gap Bonding technology,low parallax writing and wider viewing angles

 4mm anti-glare toughened glass with high haze OC for clearer display against ambient light

interference Mohs hardness level 7, Anti-Glare, Anti-Dust and Anti-Fingerprint technologies

 Light-sensitive brightness adjustment and DC dimming support (de-flashing) for a more eye

protection display

 4K Ultra HD display ,support full channel 4K UI display

 Front Type C*1+ USB3.0*2 + on-board USB3.0*1, supports switching with channels

 Support for Wireless projection

±1mm High precision infrared touch control for smooth writing

 Supports dual pens and dual colour displays for easy multi-person collaboration

 Wi-Fi6 (Optional), dual-band 2.4G/5G, AP+STA operating mode

 One network support, Android and OPS both

 Support network sharing

 Support remote control of multiple devices

 Split screen ,parallel tasks and wider scenes

 Eye protection, lock screen, touch lock and other tools.

Model: IS-8616

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